Accused drug mule Cassie Sainsbury 'likes attention': Colombian prison guard


A guard at the Colombian prison where accused drug mule Cassandra Sainsbury is being held has accused the Australian of being an attention seeker and lying about the conditions inside the facility, Channel Nine reports.

The 22-year-old South Australian woman has complained that she is not getting proper access to medical attention inside Bogota’s El Buen Pastor women’s prison, and is being bullied by her cellmates.

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Cassandra Sainsbury arrested after US tip-off

US Drug Enforcement Agency reportedly tipped off Colombian authorities about an Australian woman potentially smuggling drugs out of the country.

But those claims are simply not true, the guard, who wanted to be known only as Anna, told Channel Nine.

“Cassie likes attention and she knows how to get it,” the guard said.

“She’s not my most difficult prisoner, but I don’t like her lies and the bad information she is giving to the media.”

Ms Sainsbury was arrested at El Dorado International Airport on April 12, allegedly with 5.8 kilograms of cocaine hidden inside 18 headphone boxes in her suitcase.

She has denied any knowledge of the drugs, and claims she was given the headphones by a man who had been showing her around Bogota.

She said she planned to give the headphones as gifts to friends and members of her wedding party.

Ms Sainsbury’s fiance, Scott Broadbridge, has flown to Bogota but is yet to visit her in jail. He has signed a deal with Channel Seven’s Sunday Night program for an undisclosed sum.

Ms Sainsbury’s mother, Lisa Evans, and sister, Khala Sainsbury, have also flown to Bogota separately to Mr Broadbridge, after signing a deal with rival show Nine’s 60 Minutes.

Over the weekend they were filmed standing outside the prison moat, yelling Cassandra’s name towards the prison.

Channel Nine declined to comment when contacted by Fairfax Media about the deal.

In a series of telephone interviews with News Corp Australia from prison last week, Ms Sainsbury claimed she was not receiving the correct medical attention in prison, and was being bullied by her cellmates.

She said she didn’t know about her mother and sister’s agreement with 60 Minutes, and that it annoyed her.

“My mum and sister haven’t told me anything of what they’re doing,” she said.

“They’re just going out and doing it on their own. That’s my problem.

“It’s my story. They need to get permission from me to sell my story.

“It’s just typical family drama.”

Channel Nine last week published a photograph of Ms Sainsbury and another inmate inside the prison.

Anna, the prison guard, accused Ms Sainsbury of bullying another prisoner over that photograph.

“She’s bullying another prisoner for taking a picture with her, but we believe Cassie wanted to take the picture,” Anna told Channel Nine.

Asked about Ms Sainsbury’s claims that she was not getting proper access to medical facilities or sufficient food, Anna responded: “That’s a lie.

“Every prisoner gets checked out for their health. She has access to private doctors too if she wants,” she said.

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