AK shows them how to play


ADELAIDE based wedding DJ Aaron “AK” Knight is fast become the most talked about contestant on Australian Survivor.

In the first few weeks of the Channel 10 series, Knight has become a central player on the show, involved in all the big moves.

Out of the 24 contestants, he would be in the running for having the most airtime.

“I haven’t paid anyone for that,” he joked.

“The other contestants haven’t said anything, but I”m sure a few people feel like it is the AK show.”

Knight, who is a super fan of the Survivor format, said he was like a kid in a candy store in Samoa, being part of all of the huge moves.

“I had an absolute blast, I really did,” he said.

“I can honestly say I have no regrets about my time on the island.”

The reason why Knight has no regrets, is because of the way he plays the game — hard.

It was always the way, leading up to Australian Survivor.

“If I was going to sit on my hands for three or four weeks, and play that quiet sort of game, that could have got me far,” he said.

media_cameraAaron Kight, from the cast of Australian Survivor. Picture: Nigel Wright.

“But for some reason I was on the wrong side of an alliance and I got voted out playing like that, I wouldn’t have been able to live with myself.

“Knowing I had one opportunity to do this, I went out there swinging.”

Knight said initially he didn’t want to play too hard, but that changed after his name was on the chopping block very early on because of a move by now ousted poker player Adam Parkin.

Parkin and Knight formed a bond early on in Samoa, but that didn’t last.

“I feel like Adam identified me as a person who was willing to play hard,” he said.

“We had this conversation early on that we would talk to as many people as we possible can, and we would come together the following day and talk about who we liked.

“But I wasn’t aware at the time, Adam wasn’t talking to people, he was telling people, look at AK, look how hard he is playing.

“It was a masterstroke move on his behalf.”

This led to everyone wanting to vote him off, when Knight had to play hard and scramble, leading to his early reputation as a game player at any cost.

“I wanted to play hard, but I didn’t want to play as hard as I didn’t originally, but my hand was forced upon me,” he said.

Knight now has control of the Samatau tribe, along with Victorian doctor Tessa O’Halloran, who also had her back against the wall early on.

Australian Survivor airs on Channel 10 on Sunday and Mondays at 7.30pm.

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