Australian Shaun Davidson in four-man Kerobokan prison breakout


Bali: An Australian jailed for a year for using another man’s passport is among four prisoners who staged a remarkable escape from Bali’s notorious Kerobokan jail.

Four foreigners – including West Australian Shaun Edward Davidson – are believed to have escaped from the prison via a waste tunnel.

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Perth man jailed in Bali over passport misuse

Shaun Davidson, arrested in Bali for using another man’s passport, has been sentenced to a year behind bars at Kerobokan jail.

Bali corrections chief Surung Pasaribu confirmed Davidson, who had just 2½ months of his one-year jail term left to serve, was among the escapees.

The men were reported missing at the 8am morning prison head count on Monday. They remain on the run.

The men – who were all from Block B – were in lockdown at the time of the daring escape.

They are suspected of escaping through a hole in the ceiling of their block and then squeezing through a waste tunnel, which was just 15 metres long and half a metre wide.

Prison governor Tony Nainggolan said prison authorities believed the escape had been planned for some time.

“Shaun started growing a beard and moustache, we suspect to change his appearance,” he said.

He said authorities believed they had used an old, covered underground tunnel.

“We found two buckets, some towels and sandals near [the tunnel entrance],” he said.

Mr Nainggolan said there were more than 1300 prisoners in the notoriously overcrowded jail.

He said Tower Two, which was above the tunnel exit, had been empty at the time of the escape because of a shortage of guards.

“We only have 10 guards each shift,” he said.

A source at Kerobokan jail told Fairfax Media the foreigners had last been seen at sahur – the term for the predawn meal before fasting begins during Ramadan. 

“They are still investigating whether they escaped through the waste ground tunnel behind the clinic. It is filled with water,” the source said.

The escapees included a Bulgarian, an Indian and a Malaysian.

Davidson was jailed for a year last August after he was found guilty of misusing a travel document belonging to someone else.

He had been due to face Perth Magistrates Court on January 28, 2015, charged with possessing methamphetamine and cannabis and two other offences.

When he did not attend, an arrest warrant was issued.

But instead of going to court, Davidson skipped the country, arriving in Indonesia on a one-month tourist visa

Davidson said he lost his passport. He said he had contacted the Australian passport office and reported his own missing, but then began using a passport under the name of Michael John Bayman, which Davidson said he had found in a hotel room.

Bali immigration authorities told Fairfax Media the passport had been reported missing by its real owner in 2013.

In an interview with Fairfax Media between the bars of a holding cell at Denpasar District Court last September, Davidson said the conditions in Kerobokan were bearable if one had money and support from the outside.

He said he had been expecting a “living hell” when he was incarcerated in April last year after being named a suspect. 

Davidson told Fairfax Media at the time that he would continue to teach boxing inside Kerobokan jail.

“I have about 15 to 20 people I train in boxing, so that’s pretty good. I guess it gives the locals something to do. It gives them something to look forward to. It’s pretty hard for some of the locals – if you don’t have money to get food you don’t eat.”

Davidson had spent the year before he was apprehended boxing and partying in Bali.

But he came to the attention of authorities in March last year when he was staying at Rabasta Hotel in Kuta.

Ngurah Rai airport immigration officer Mohamad Soleh told Fairfax Media in April last year that a report was made of a foreigner staying in Kuta who was suspected of overstaying his visa.

When immigration authorities investigated, they found he had not only overstayed but was using a fake identity.

Of the other escapees, Bulgarian Dimitar Nikolov Iliev was jailed for seven years for money laundering, Sayed Mohammad Said was jailed for 14 years on drug charges and Malaysian Tee Kok King was jailed for seven years on drug charges.

Sayed Mohammad Said was last seen during morning prayers and again at 6.30am this morning.

The vice-director of Special Criminal Investigation, Rudi Setiawan, said police were cooperating with immigration and justice officers to search for them.

“We are investigating witnesses,” he said.

Mr Setiawan said they were also investigating the possibility they escaped via the waste tunnel.

“If so, by the estimated time of escape, the street would have been crowded with traffic.”

He said there was a possibility someone from the outside helped them with the escape, as they would have emerged dirty and wet.

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