Boy George crashes Cyndi Lauper’s set


THREE pop superstars proved better than two when Boy George crashed the Cyndi Lauper and Blondie party at their double-header gig in Sydney last night.

The Culture Club frontman is a great mate of Lauper and clearly in his element sharing a stage with a pop legend after enduring the efforts of the wannabe pop stars he is coaching for the next season of The Voice.

Before taking the stage, Boy George warmed up dancing side of stage to the end of Blondie’s set.

media_cameraCyndi Lauper and Boy George are great friends. Picture: Richard Dobson

The audience let out a deafening roar when he joined the pink-haired Lauper towards the end of her set for her signature song Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.

With the lyrics alternating between boys and girls having fun, the duet was a slice of unexpected good times if not a little patchy as Lauper struggled with a technical glitch.

“I was so happy my dear pal George was able to join me at my concert last night,” Lauper said backstage.

“He is one of my favourite people and one my favourite singers on the planet. He makes me laugh and his voice makes me soar. I love George. What a lucky audience. They got to see Blondie and Boy George on the same night.”

media_cameraCyndi Lauper knows how to put on a show. Picture: Richard Dobson

Boy George will again take time out from his duties The Voice for a DJ gig during the Vivid festival.

Lauper of course held her poptastic own with her beloved audience before his cameo.

For each newish track or rock’n’roll cover, the fans were rewarded with her classic hits including She Bop, I Drove All Night, Time After Time and True Colours.

With the bands alternating the headlining spot on their joint Australian tour, it fell to Blondie to open the Sydney concert.

Fans erupted when the New York icons hit their stride four songs in with Call Me, Debbie Harry throwing off her shades and revelling in the view of an audience thrilling to a modern rock classic.

When not singing, her voice employed more in service to the song’s mood than its melody, she stood striking a defiant pose as the band took the spotlight.

media_cameraCulture Club frontman Boy George stunned fans in Sydney. Picture: Richard Dobson

media_cameraCyndi Lauper and Boy George shared a stage. Picture: Richard Dobson

Blondie took the opportunity to preview their upcoming album Pollinator and encouraged fans to buy the associated online T-shirts which will raise funds to “save the bees”.

The record features songwriting collaborations with Sia, Charli XCX and Johnny Marr and is released next month. And the new stuff is indeed very good stuff.

While Blondie’s repertoire from the past decade is stronger than most pop or rock icons from the 1970s, it was inevitable the old stuff got the biggest love.

media_cameraCyndi Lauper belted out her hits in Sydney Picture: Richard Dobson

media_cameraNew Yorker Cyndi Lauper held her poptastic own with her beloved audience. Picture: Richard Dobson

In The Flesh, which launched them onto the Australian charts was followed by Rapture which suffered from a rap malfunction when Harry stalled midway through her famous tale about the man from Mars.

“I have to apologise, I lost my place in the rap,” Harry said after struggling to get back into the song.

Her longtime partner in the band Chris Klein joked: “You’re fired.”

media_cameraDebbie Harry from Blondie still knows how to rock out. Picture: Richard Dobson

media_cameraDebbie Harry was in good form. Picture: Richard Dobson

She later made reference to the coincidence of touring Australia as Cyclone Debbie cut a swath through Queensland and northern NSW.

“They call me a windbag,” she joked.

And while Harry and her fans might not quite reach those high notes in Atomic and Heart Of Glass, everyone screamed the ICC Theatre roof off at the end of those soundtracks to an era.

media_cameraBlondie’s old stuff got the most love. Picture: Richard Dobson

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