Ex-cop denies killing Shirley Finn


A FORMER detective has denied he was the person who shot and killed Perth brothel madam Shirley Finn 42 years ago.

Finn was shot four times in the head while sitting in her car at the Royal Perth Golf Club in South Perth in 1975.

James Archibald Boland was the first to give evidence at a coronial inquiry into the unsolved murder.

The inquest into the notorious madam’s murder started on Tuesday, with Mr Boland quizzed by lawyer Tom Percy, representing Ms Finn’s daughter Bridget Shewring.

media_cameraFormer police officer James Boland. Picture: Seven News.

Boland was asked if he were aware of “widespread allegations that (former Premier) Ray O’Connor was friends with (former senior policeman) Bernie Johnson and that they were involved in corrupt ventures together and Miss Finn was going to stop them in it”.

The former cop denied knowing that rumour.

Boland said he took information about underworld hitman Neddy Smith to Sergeant Don Hancock who told him to “leave it alone”, so he did.

Hancock went on to lead the detectives branch before his murder in 2001.

The inquest continues.

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