Firearm injuries and deaths


This factsheet examines hospitalisations (2013–14) and deaths (2012–13) that occurred as a result of firearm-related injuries. Over 90% of all firearm-related hospitalisations and deaths occurred among men. Over a third of hospitalised cases were the result of unintentional injury, one-third (33%) resulted from assault, and in almost one-fifth (19%) of cases, intent was undetermined. In contrast, over 79% of deaths resulted from intentional self-harm (suicide), while over 17% resulted from assault (homicide). Rates of firearm-related injuries for deaths fell between 1999–00 and 2013–14.

ISBN 978-1-76054-098-2; Cat. no. INJCAT 187; 6pp.; Internet only

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2017. Firearm injuries and deaths. Cat. no. INJCAT 187. Canberra: AIHW. Viewed 19 April 2017 <>.

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