GoT’s extreme measures to stop leaks


GAME Of Thrones will film multiple endings so there is no possibility of the real one leaking out to the public before the much-anticipated finale.

American website Morning Call and GoT fan site Watchers On The Wall reported that HBO’s president of programming Casey Bloys gave a talk at a Pennsylvanian high school where he told students: “They’re going to shoot multiple versions so that nobody really knows what happens … so that there’s no real definitive answer until the end.”

Obviously this has been done on other hit shows, such as Breaking Bad and The Sopranos.

Here at the Game Of Moans blog, we believe the ending has to be a battle between the Night King and Azor Ahai, the Prince/Princess That Was Promised.

media_cameraJon Snow and Daenerys will be Azor Ahai — but only one can be.

Now this can either be Jon or it can be Dany.

We’ve written about this before and you can find out more in these stories:



So it makes sense they film the same scene with BOTH of them, to keep us guessing.

Going all the way back to 1980, the classic soapie Dallas filmed multiple endings to the question: Who shot JR? Almost every major character was filmed doing so, ensuring the real culprit could not leak out.

And they didn’t have to worry about drones and paparazzi back then.

As GoT’s popularity has grown, both fans and paparazzi have flocked to the known shooting locations in an attempt to see what is being filmed.

media_cameraThe Dragonstone scenes were the ones most leaked during filming.

Last season saw leaks of some of the Dragonstone scenes with Daenerys, Jon and Theon, as well as the pivotal battle when Dany and Drogon took out Jaime’s Lannister army.

Obviously interest in the final season of GoT will be off the charts.

Given they can’t really change locations at this stage of the series, people already know there will be scenes filmed in Croatia, Malta, Iceland and Northern Ireland and can lay in wait. Drones also allow paparazzi and fans to get a bird’s eye view of what is happening.

However, while the ending can be hidden, it is unlikely they will be able to disguise much of what else goes on.

As Watchers On The Wall points out, it will cost a ridiculous amount of money to film multiple scenes that are never seen.

As it is, season eight will be massively expensive. There will only be six episodes but each will be at least 80 minutes long and they are talking about starting filming in October and keeping it going until August 2018, with a screening date for the final season not until 2019.

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