Guard ‘punched’ by teen at train station


A TRANSIT guard has claimed he was punched by a teenage girl moments before she was forcibly restrained at Rockingham train station on Saturday night.

Vision of the violent confrontation — filmed by another commuter — emerged yesterday as the Public Transport Authority confirmed it was reviewing the incident.

media_cameraThe Public Transport Authority is investigating after a teenage girl was forcibly restrained by transit guards after being kicked off a train in Rockingham yesterday. Picture: Seven News

The girl and a friend were kicked off the train after a flood of complaints from other passengers about their behaviour.

A PTA spokesman said when guards removed the pair from the carriage one girl became aggressive and allegedly punched a guard before being restrained.

The vision shows a guard throwing the young girl on to her stomach before dropping his knee into her back to pin her on the ground.

At one point she is also put in a headlock and dragged across the platform.

As the altercation is taking place, the girl can be heard screaming “I’m only 17” and “stop, you’re hurting me”.

Onlookers also screamed as the guard dropped his knee into the girl’s back.

The PTA’s internal affairs unit is reviewing the incident.

Part of the investigation will be to determine if the force used by the guard was reasonable.

The PTA says it is likely to pursue charges against the girl over the alleged punch.

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