Hobart wears red as lasers cut the sky



June 09, 2017 20:58:40

Keep your mind open and your senses keen.

That’s the message from the organisers of this year’s Dark Mofo festival in Hobart.

The creative director Leigh Carmichael said the festival aims to allow people to experience a full spectrum of human emotion.

Part of the sensory overload is the festival’s headline event, a light installation designed by UK artist Chris Levine.

Three towers shoot super-powered lasers 10 kilometres into the night sky.

Mr Levine described his creative vision as sacred geometry which has been achieved through a dedicated lifestyle of meditation and sobriety.

“Light is fundamental to how it all works and, as Einstein said, we beings are compressed light,” Levine said.

“There is beauty in this profound truth.”

The light show has been set to sounds created by Robert Del Naja of Massive Attack and Marco Perry.

Levine hopes the combination of sound and light creates a spiritual experience.

It has already been praised by festival attendees.

“It’s just such a great celebration to get people outside in the middle of winter — and it’s beautiful, the lights are out and there’s a real buzz around,” Susan Andrews said.

“This really brings the place alive,” Michael Long said.

“It has put us on the map” George Parker added.

About 250,000 people are expected to attend the festival, about half the population of Tasmania.

The big-budget winter festival from the creative minds at the Museum of Old and New Art runs until June 21.










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