Hogan ‘paid millions’ to settle tax debt


ENTERTAINMENT superstar Paul Hogan has paid “tens of millions of dollars” to the Australian Tax Office as he settled his protracted battle with the organisation.

A Senate committee hearing heard the battle between Hogan and the ATO has concluded after he paid back a significant sum of the reportedly $150 million he owed in tax and penalties.

Tax Commissioner Chris Jordon hinted at the Hogan payment today when he was being questioned by Nationals Senator John Williams at Senate Estimates.

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media_cameraPaul Hogan has paid ‘tens of millions’ to settle his dispute with the ATO. Picture: News Corp

But Jordan was reluctant to comment particularly on Hogan.

“Sometimes substantial amounts, in the tens of millions, are paid, and that covers the liability,” Jordan said.

“From our point, if we get tens of millions of dollars that covers tax and penalties, we will often settle — quite rightly — because we’ve got the money.”

Senator Williams then enquired as to whether it could be understood “with confidence” that Jordan meant Hogan and other people involved in his tax case has paid several millions of dollars to settle it.

“I can’t talk about specific issues but yes, if we get what we think is the tax due to us, with penalties and interest, we’ll settle it.”

According to reports Hogan owed around $150m in tax and penalties after allegedly using complex offshore structures to avoid tax.

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