Hospitalised assault injuries among women and girls


This factsheet examines cases of hospitalised assault against women in 2013–14. Rates of assault among women were highest for those aged between 15–19 and 50–54. Over half (59%) of all these women were assaulted by bodily force, and for assaults by bodily force and involving sharp and blunt objects, the majority of injuries were to the head and neck (63%). Where information about the perpetrator was available, a spouse or domestic partner was the most commonly reported perpetrator (in 59% of cases).

ISBN 978-1-76054-099-9; Cat. no. INJCAT 184; 5pp.; Internet only

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Fact sheet contents

  • Quick facts
  • In this fact sheet
  • How many women and girls were hospitalised due to assault?
  • Who were the perpetrators of assault against women and girls?
  • Type of assault
  • Nature of the injury
  • Where did the assaults take place?
  • Spouse or domestic partner violence
  • References

Recommended citation

2017. Hospitalised assault injuries among women and girls. Cat. no. INJCAT 184. Canberra: AIHW. Viewed 20 April 2017 <>.

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