‘I thought I was going to die’


A MOTHER who was allegedly rammed off the road at high speed said she thought she was going to die as her car rolled south of Perth.

Melissa Hahn was driving her son to the airport about 4.15am when police say they were allegedly chased along South Western Highway near Byford by a man who had tried to flag them down.

Police claim her Nissan Navara was rammed several times as they were travelling about 120km/h, forcing her off the road before she lost control and the vehicle rolled.

media_cameraMelissa Hahn’s Nissan Navara was allegedly rammed four times before being forced of the road. Picture: Seven News.

As they were trapped inside, Ms Hahn claimed the man from the car approached and began yelling at them and trying to get inside.

“I was petrified,” she said. “I thought he was going to kill us.”

Police claim the same man chased other motorists and forced them off the road.

One woman, Leah Jokic, was followed along the highway to a service station, where she sought refuge.

I’m thinking the speed I’m doing, I’m going to die,” she told 7 News, fighting back tears.

“I was on the phone to triple zero like ‘Help me, help me’, obviously they couldn’t.

“I thought I was going to die.”

media_cameraLeah Jokic sought refuge in a service station. Picture: Seven News.

The man then allegedly stole her car that she had left outside with the keys in it, police claim.

Police say the accused man was eventually arrested in one of several homes he allegedly broke into.

He was charged with almost 20 offences.

media_cameraMelissa Hahn’s damaged Nissan Navara. Picture: Seven News.

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