Iggy’s ego just got hammered


IGGY Azalea’s ‘comeback’ single has bounced out of the Australian Top 100 after just one week.

The Australian-born, US-based rapper’s divisive Mo Bounce debuted at No. 63 in Australia last week on 2887 sales.

This week Mo Bounce sinks to No. 119 with just 1541 sales.

The track features Azalea saying the word ‘bounce’ over 130 times in just over three minutes.

Azalea conducted a string of interviews with Australian radio last week to help promote the single which is sitting at No. 73 on the list of most-played songs on local stations.

media_cameraIggy Azalea puts her back into it during the Mo Bounce video clip.

At least the racy video for the song has been a hit — with more than 23 million views in two weeks.

Sadly for Azalea the Australian singles chart doesn’t count You Tube views, just iTunes downloads and streaming figures.

In the clip Azalea and dancers twerk in revealing costumes (including swim suits) while there’s a patch on a pair of denim shorts that reads ‘My p*ssy grabs back’ — a Donald Trump reference.

Comments on the clip range from people concerned there are young children in the video (shot in Hong Kong) to others comparing it to Nicki Minaj and also pornography.

Azalea is promoting the song to her 7.3 million Twitter followers by getting them to imitate her twerking moves and post it online.

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Mo Bounce is at No. 53 on iTunes today but isn’t in the Spotify Top 50 in Australia.

Singles need to do well in both downloads and streaming to achieve real success.

It did make No. 8 on the Australian urban chart last week and is No. 16 this week — that’s the ARIA Top 100 with any non ‘urban’ material taken out.

The song has yet to make the UK or US Top 100, although it has appeared on the British download-only chart and the US rap and R & B digital sales chart.

media_cameraIggy Azalea models this year’s swimsuit fashions in the Mo Bounce video.

The lukewarm reaction to the song isn’t a great primer for Azalea’s already-delayed second album Digital Distortion.

It was due to be released last July and is now scheduled for release in June.

Azalea scrapped many of the songs that referred to her now ex-fiance and recorded new material.

The rapper’s profile was raised during a stint on the Australian version of the X Factor last year.

Her last single, Team, reached No. 40 in Australia and No. 42 in the US last March.

Azalea’s Fancy made No. 1 in the US in 2014, followed by the No. 3 US hit Black Widow and she rapped on the No. 2 hit Problem by Ariana Grande.

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