‘It looked like he’d been scalped’


THE man who pulled Luke Wyllie from the water following a horrific surfing accident says he feared the Perth businessman had been “scalped”.

Mat Allan was in the water at Gnaraloo, roughly 120km north of Carnarvon, when Mr Wyllie wiped out and smashed head first into a reef on Sunday.

“You could see the blood pouring down his face a bit and he was a bit all over the place,” he said.

The 30-year-old scaffolder then paddled out to reach the distressed father-of-two.

“I just basically helped him on his board and pushed him onto a couple of waves and got him to the beach,” he said.

media_cameraMat Allan helped bring Mr Wyllie to shore after the wipe out. Picture: Seven News.

“To me, it looked like he’d been scalped basically.”

Speaking after his release from hospital on Wednesday, Mr Wyllie has thanked the strangers who saved him after his near-death surfing accident.

“I’m just pinching myself that I came that close to being in this thing (the brace) full-time or not even surviving it,” he said.

“I’d just like to say thanks for everyone who was involved in helping out.”

Mr Wyllie will spend up to three months in a neck and body brace after doctors confirmed he suffered fractured vertebrae and cracked his ribs.

Despite the near-death experience, Mr Wyllie says he still plans to get back out on his board as soon as he’s recovered.

media_cameraLuke Wyllie in a brace after suffering serious injuries in a surfing accident. Picture: Seven News.

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