‘It’ll be years’ before Tziporah reunites with mum


PARLIAMENTARIAN Pru Goward has opened up about her fractured relationship with estranged daughter Tziporah Malkah, saying she hopes the two can reconcile.

In an exclusive interview with The Sunday Telegraph’s Stellar magazine, the New South Wales Minister for Family and Community Services admitted that a reunion with her daughter — the model named Kate Fischer engaged to James Packer turned Orthodox Jew I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here! contestant — would take time.

“We’ll see. We have quite a few years to go,” Goward admitted.

media_cameraMalkah appeared on this season of I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here.

Speaking about her daughter’s formative years, which were largely spent in the spotlight after winning the Dolly model search in 1988, Goward said she was worried about the impact of being so public at such a young age.

“I was very concerned about her going into modelling so young. I thought she should wait, but it wasn’t to be. For many years it gave her access to a wonderful world, but today there are quite different rules around underage children modelling. Back then it was a bit freer, and for parents it probably made it more difficult,” Goward said.

media_cameraKate Fischer’s 1988 Dolly Cover.

Speaking about Malkah’s engagement to the Crown Casino billionaire, Goward said the couples’ relationship was doomed from the start thanks to intense public interest.

“I like James. These very high-profile relationships are tough on young people. They were so young … how can they possibly have [had] the space to develop a relationship with the scrutiny?”

media_cameraJames Packer with fiancee Tziporah Malkah in 1998, she was known as Kate Fischer at the time.

Malkah has spoken extensively about the breakdown of the relationship with her mother, earlier this year saying “I understand my mother. that she is not motherly.” Goward’s career, she continued, is “where all [her] love has gone”.

Goward herself has been reticent to comment, speaking mainly of Malkah’s childhood and formative years.

“Mums just do the best they can do and I just loved her to bits,” she said.

“I was probably overprotective … Being a mother, it’s a wonderful devotion”.

This article originally appeared on Sydney Confidential and has been republished here with permission.

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