Jeff Horn's big effort to make weight for world title fight


By Jennifer Huxley


December 12, 2017 17:33:46

Brisbane boxer Jeff Horn has shed four kilograms in 24 hours to make weight for his world title defence tomorrow evening.

Horn stepped off the scales at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre and reached for a bottle of water after dehydrating himself overnight to dip under the 66.68kg welterweight cut-off by 160 grams.

His challenger, British brawler Gary Corcoran, weighed in at 66.47kg.

“I was very relieved, it is always good to get in nice and close to that weight and not go over it,” Horn said.

“It can be stressful because 100 grams you can’t get away with, you have to come back with your underpants off or something.

“From now I am just re-fuelling, re-hydrating. I will have a good feed tonight and just relax and have some time with the family.”

While Horn was concentrating on the numbers on the scale, his trainer Glenn Rushton took centre stage when he fronted media wearing ear-muffs with boxing gloves strapped to the ear-pieces.

“Jeff and I have been discussing Gary ‘The Chomper’ Corcoran and we think he will resort to biting so we have done a little bit of work and we are ready for him now,” Rushton said.

The muffs were in response to yesterday’s jibes from Corcoran’s trainer Frank Greaves, who accused Horn of headbutting and donned a hat with a boxing glove strapped to the front of it.

“They have been doing a fair bit of whinging and complaining about headbutts, rest assured we are going to give them a fair go,” Rushton said.

“We think it is a bit of backpedalling, an excuse and really they should have realised by now that there is no back door in a boxing ring.”

Tomorrow is Horn’s first title defence since he sensationally upset 11-time champion Manny Pacquiao to snatch the WBO welterweight belt in July.

Fellow Queenslander Alex Leapai will take on Roger Izonritei on the undercard.








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