John Ibrahim: ‘Stabbing is far worse’


NIGHTCLUB identity turned best-selling author John Ibrahim has demanded to know who was responsible for the implementation of Sydney’s much-maligned lockout laws.

Speaking to “good friend” Kyle Sandilands and his offsider Jackie O this morning, the controversial Kings Cross kingpin said he wanted to speak to the person who developed what he called a “moron relocation program”.

He also revealed that being stabbed was worse than being shot during the frank on-air chat today.

media_cameraJohn Ibrahim in the CBD at the book launch of his new book with Kyle Sandilands. Picture: Jeremy Piper

“Who was in charge of drawing that imaginary line? I want a name. Who was that person? They should answer, where did they come up with that line that included certain areas and excluded certain areas,” he asked.

“I don’t want to give you the name, nobody wants to give you the name,” said Jackie O.

media_cameraJohn Ibrahim.

media_cameraKyle Sandilands.

Ibrahim also opened up on the numerous near-death experiences including a knife attack when he was just 17.

media_cameraJohn Ibrahim stands with his two bodyguards during a funeral service. Picture: Greenhill Craig

“I lost a lot of blood. One (bullet) scraped, the other lodged between two ribs there.”

He admitted to thinking he was going to die once when he was stabbed.

“My stomach has poured out into my shirt, I could actually see it pulsating,” he said.

Originally published as John Ibrahim: ‘Stabbing is far worse’

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