Kyle Sandilands: ‘I have no friends left’


VIDEO producers for the Kyle and Jackie O Show have published a clip overnight downplaying the Sydney raids after the KIIS FM shock jock claimed, “I have no friends left”.

Kyle Sandilands, 46, who has business links to Kings Cross kingpin John Ibrahim, said “at least I’m still here,” poking fun at the situation which involved a sophisticated, covert operation.

More than 20 people have been arrested in a series of dramatic raids across Sydney and Dubai on Monday.

Those arrested included two Ibrahim brothers – Fadi, 43, and Michael – along with Steven Elmir, Hakan Arif and Mustapha Dib.

John Ibrahim is not facing any charges.

media_cameraJohn Ibrahim in the CBD at the book launch of his new book with friends Kyle Sandilands. Photo Jeremy Piper

media_cameraImogen Anthony with boyfriend Kyle and John Ibrahim. Picture: Instagram

Sandilands said he was “ringing around yesterday trying to find a mate” but their phones were “disconnected”.

“I’m like, ‘I’ve got no friends left’,” he told listeners yesterday.

“I’ll be sitting in that cafe today like a 90-year-old man, who all of his friends have died.

“At least I’m still here!”

media_cameraKyle sits at a cafe by himself. Picture: Kyle and Jackie O/Facebook

It comes after Sandilands offered up 2.4ha on his northern beaches farm in a bid to solve Sydney’s tent city drama.

The radio host, who is renting the Oxford Falls property, spoke to a man at Martin Place yesterday when he made the spontaneous on-air offer.

“I’m going to offer everyone that’s living in Martin Place to come and live at my farm for free,” he told a caller yesterday.

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