Matty J faces awkward sex questions


THE Bachelor’s Matty J has been forced to detail what really happened the night he spent with Tahitian beauty Elora Murger.

Rumours ran wild in August that the hunky Bach had sex with the 27-year-old fitness trainer during an overnight date at Spicers Sangoma Retreat in the Blue Mountains, NSW.

media_cameraThe Bachelor’s Matty J on a date with Elora.

But Matty J has since quashed all speculations today.

“Did I sleep with Elora? I did not, no,” he confirmed to KIIS FM this morning.

“Look you know it’s, um, when you have a really great date with somebody and you know, the option is there it does enter your mind but it was an easy decision in the end to say no to that and to be in separate rooms.”

media_cameraMatty J is forced to confirm what happened the night he spent with Elor in front of Laura. Picture: KIIS

Matty J made the confession in front of winner Laura Byrne, who laughed off the suggestion on air but jokingly asked Jackie O whether there was a body language expert to catch out her man if he was lying.

“She’s a babe and he’s a red-hotted male so I’d expect that there’s temptation there but you know,” she added.

media_cameraMatty J and Elora at Jellybean Pool, Glenbrook.

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