Minister wades into beer strength debate


FULL-strength beer should be served at the new Perth Stadium – but only during day matches, says Sports Minister Mick Murray.

Mr Murray said he believed only mid-strength beer should be served to footy fans at night matches.

The former South West footballer and coach said it was “part of the Aussie way of life” to be allowed a beer and it should never be banned from football.

But he said he was worried that by the time some fans got to the footy for evening kick-offs, they may already have consumed excessive amounts of alcohol throughout the day.

He said having further access to full-strength beer at night footy matches could be a recipe for antisocial behaviour.

media_cameraMick Murray, who says full strength beer should be sold at Perth Stadium, but only in the day.

“It’s my preferred position that at day games you be allowed to have a choice of full or mid-strength beer,” he said.

“But at evening games, it would be mid-strength. I have concerns that some individuals may have already pre-loaded in licensed venues during the day.

“I want to make sure families who attend the football are not disrupted by those few people who don’t want to play by the rules.

“I don’t want their experiences ruined by people who have been drinking excessive alcohol over a full day.”

Currently, mid-strength beer is sold in public retail outlets at Domain Stadium and full-strength beer served at corporate and functions areas.

The Australian Medical Association WA does not want full-strength beer available generally at the new stadium. Police Commissioner Karl O’Callaghan has said he was “cautious” about lifting restrictions.

A final decision will rest with operator VenuesLive and the director of liquor licensing.

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