Neil Perry restaurant serves up ‘vile’ slur


A WORKER at Neil Perry’s CBD burger restaurant has been sacked after a Melbourne man was served up a racial slur on his receipt.

media_cameraNick’s receipt posted to Facebook by his wife. Picture: Facebook

Nick was shocked to discover the word ‘n****s’ printed on his receipt after ordering at the Burger Project on Collins St on Friday.

The man’s wife, Rutendo Ruth Muchinguri, expressed her disgust at the incident, sharing a picture of the receipt her husband received on Facebook.

“It is so disappointing that in a place where my husband spent his hard earned money, he received this sort of disgracefully discriminatory treatment,” Mrs Muchinguri wrote.

“Its exhausting that in 2017, in a modern and multicultural society some of your staff remain insensitive to the impact that this insidiously nasty and vile word has.”

media_cameraRutendo Ruth Muchinguri and Nick. Picture: Facebook

The Melbourne eatery responded to the post, which called for a boycott of the Rockpool Group businesses, with a statement on Facebook to confirm that the staff member involved had been fired.

“As soon as we became aware of the matter this afternoon, when we were contacted on the behalf of the customer, we acted: we reached out and apologised and the employee’s position was terminated,” the post said.

“We apologise profusely for the upset and hurt this has caused.”

Mrs Muchinguri refuted the claims in a subsequent post.

“At no point have you tried to reach out to personally apologise to my husband,” she wrote.

“It wasn’t until hours after my post that you edited your post to include an apology.”

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