No-stop bike laws mooted for Perth


CYCLISTS could ride through red lights and stop signs in Perth under a proposal to be considered by WA’s road safety minister.

Similar road rules for cyclists have been in place in other parts of the world for years, including the US where magistrates in Idaho wanted cycling violations decriminalised because too much court time was spent issuing fines for trivial traffic offences.

The change would require two sets of road rules because cars would still have to stop at red lights while cyclists could roll through if the way was clear.

Westcycle spokesman Matt Fulton said the change could make roads safer for riders but he feared it could also cause friction between cyclists and drivers.

media_cameraWestcycle spokesman Matt Fulton fears the plan night increase tension between riders and drivers. Picture: Seven News.

“It takes a lot of energy ones you’ve come to a complete stop to restart again,” he said.

“A rolling stop would certainly enable bike riders to merge into traffic far more seemlessly and that would be safer.

“Probably my biggest concern about this law is that it will add and fuel to this perceived war on our roads.”

Road Safety Minister Michelle Roberts said she was open to considering the idea.

“Now that it’s been raised with me, we will have a look at it, but it’s not something that’s currently on our agenda,” she said.

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