'Only in Nazi Germany': Clive Palmer complains of being 'dragged to court'


A dishevelled-looking Clive Palmer has compared the probe into the collapse of Queensland Nickel to Nazi Germany before suffering memory lapses on the Federal Court stand.

For the second week in a row, Mr Palmer turned up to the court in Brisbane on Tuesday clutching a sick bag and complaining of pain.

Teenager fights for life


Only in Nazi Germany: Palmer

An unknown man reads a statement for Clive Palmer as he arrives at court in Brisbane on Tuesday, saying “this would only happen in Nazi Germany”. Nine News

The mining magnate was last week grilled over the whereabouts of his jet-setting nephew Clive Mensink, despite claiming he was too sick and suffering from memory loss after taking the morphine-based drug, Targin.

Mr Palmer’s barrister, Andrew Boe, on Tuesday told the court his client was still ill and had continued to ingest the painkiller.

He appeared unwell inside the courtroom, sinking into a chair among reporters and breathing heavily before shuffling towards the witness box.

During questioning from lawyers for special purpose liquidators for Queensland Nickel, Mr Palmer was prompted on at least a dozen occasions by Mr Boe to claim privilege, protecting himself from self-incrimination.

Asked about the company’s collapse, decisions made around shares and his recollection of ongoing Supreme Court proceedings, the former federal MP appeared to suffer from memory lapses.

At times seated in the witness box with his head in his hands and mouth agape, he frequently told the court in hushed tones he could not recall details being asked of him, including whether or not a Gold Coast property had at one point been listed under his name.

Queensland Nickel folded in early 2016 with about $300 million in debts, resulting in the loss of almost 800 jobs at its Yabulu nickel refinery near Townsville.

Upon arriving at the court, an unnamed minder read out a statement on Mr Palmer’s behalf, claiming he was being forced to testify despite his condition as payback for instituting a Senate inquiry into the Newman government while he was an MP.

“Surgery and intensive care, pain and duress, and currently on morphine, all confirmed by the court, regardless I’m dragged into the court today,” he said.

“This would only happen in Nazi Germany.

“It makes me feel ashamed to live in a land where justice is a game.”

A history of Clive Palmer invoking Nazi Germany

Godwin’s Law be damned. Clive Palmer invoked Nazi Germany as he complained about being forced to attend Federal Court despite being unwell. Its an analogy he’s fond of:


  • May – Says being forced to attend court, to answer questions about Queensland Nickel’s collapse, while on painkillers “would only happen in Nazi Germany”.


  • November – Claims laws requiring him to give evidence in court, or risk a contempt charge, are similar to those applied under the Nazis.
  • May – Describes the federal government’s pursuit of him over Queensland Nickel as “Nazi-esque”.
  • April – Compares Treasurer Scott Morrison to SS chief Heinrich Himmler and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission to the Gestapo over talk of an ASIC probe into QN.


  • August – Suggests media mogul Rupert Murdoch is “second only to Joseph Goebbels when it comes to propaganda”.


  • July – Labels then Queensland premier Campbell Newman a “Nazi” and “less popular than Hitler”.


  • November – Accuses Queensland’s deputy premier, Jeff Seeney, of “stormtrooper tactics” for ordering an audit of his mining operations.


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