Oscar-winner: ‘My t*ts made the news’


THE star of True Blood has revealed it was her boobs that stole the show during Monday’s BBC News at Ten.

Anna Paquin tweeted “my breasts! So funny on so many levels” after a racy clip from her TV show interrupted the live broadcast.

media_cameraTrue Blood star Anna Pacquin’s breasts were seen during a BBC news break. Picture: Supplied

While some believed the person in the background was watching porn, it was actually a scene with Paquin and co-star Robert Kazinsky.

Paquin wrote the amused tweet after seeing various news reports of a steamy striptease clearly visible to the show’s 3.8 million viewers on an office computer screen.

She added: “Now that I know what u guys were talking abuot this is some of the funniest s**t I’ve seen in a while!!! Thanks for the giggle! #FreeTheNipple.”

media_cameraAlexander Skarsgard, Anna Paquin and her husband and co-star Stephen Moyer in True Blood. Picture: Rolling Stone

media_cameraAnna Paquin is no longer the 11-year-old we remember winning her Oscar for The Piano. Picture: Supplied

Her husband and former True Blood co-star loved the revelation, saying “this is amazing and making me very happy”.

An employee was watching the footage behind oblivious presenter Sophie Raworth, while wearing headphones and sitting slumped in his desk chair.

media_cameraAustralian Ryan Kwanten and Robert Kazinsky in True Blood. Picture: HBO

Now that the American actress has claimed the breasts as belonging to her True Blood fans have praised the BBC employee for his taste in TV shows.

One person tweeted back to Paquin: “Lol! well it was an awesome show so can’t blame him for watching …”

media_cameraHolly Hunter star of the film, Piano, with then child actress Anna Paquin. Picture: Supplied

Another added: “This chap must’ve just discovered True Blood and took his binge watching to work. What a show it was.”

The gaffe came hours after the BBC accidentally aired footage of a woman flashing her breast.

The crew failed to spot her pulling her crop top to one side in the background during a live report at Sidmouth Folk Festival in Devon.

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