Pauline quizzed over life behind bars


CONTROVERSIAL MP Pauline Hanson has candidly revealed whether things turned violent during her prison stay in 2003 and whether she sought comfort in another inmate.

Hanson was sentenced to three years in prison in 2003 by the District Court of Queensland for electoral fraud.

Her sentence was later overturned on appeal, but not before the One Nation leader was forced to spend 11 weeks in jail.

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media_cameraPauline Hanson, flanked by her sons Tony Zagorski (l) and Steven Zagorski, after her release from Brisbane Womens’ Prison in November 2003. Picture: News Corp

media_cameraBrisbane Women’s Prison, where Hanson was held. Picture: David Sproule

In an interview with Jim Jeffries that airs on Foxtel’s Comedy Channel tomorrow night, Hanson is asked about her time inside by the comedian.

The Queensland Senator is asked a range of questions during the cheeky six minute interview.

At one stage Jeffries turns his attention to her time in jail.

Hanson, whose comments last week about autistic students created nationwide headlines, quickly points out her innocence before she is asked by Jeffries if she was forced to resort to violence inside.

“Did you even shank anyone”? he asks.

“Did I what?” Hanson replies before laughing off the question.

media_cameraPauline Hanson speaks with Jim Jeffries. Picture: Comedy Channel.

Jeffries then turns his attention to more personal matters.

“Did you ever get a lonely and get yourself a female lover at one stage?” he asks.

“Oh for crying out loud you have to be kidding,” Hanson said.

“Listen, I was in there with the murderers.

“Do you think I want to get up close with them? I kept my distance thank you.”

media_cameraHanson hugs a supporter after her release from jail. Picture: Patrick Hamilton

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