Pop drives The Voice chart race


JESSICA Mauboy and Jennifer Hudson were the big winners out of The Voice’s semi-final show.

While Judah Kelly, Lucy Sugerman, Fasika Ayallew and Hoseah Partsch advanced to the 2017 grand final, the singing show proved far more lucrative for the pop stars who graced its stage.

The Voice is the only prime time program in Australia which hosts live music performances and record labels are super keen to secure one of the guest spots during the live shows.

Mauboy shot to the top of the iTunes charts with her new single Fallin’ after its premiere performance on the Nine reality show on Sunday night.

Jessica Mauboy won the Voice chart lottery landing at No. 1 with new single Fallin’

It will feature later this year on the soundtrack to the second series of her Seven drama vehicle The Secret Daughter.

Hudson, who released her rather forgettable single Remember Me in March to almost zero interest worldwide, has achieved her highest chart position for the big ballad after her two stints on The Voice.

Her performance on June 18 boosted it into the iTunes top 10, peaking at No.2. Her mentoring moment on the semi-final show kept the song afloat in the top 10 this week.

media_camera2016 The Voice winner Alfie Arcuri made a chart comeback after his performance. Source: Supplied

Even last year’s grand final winner Alfie Arcuri, who has been almost silent since taking out the title, managed his highest ever chart after his return to The Voice stage on Sunday.

While his previous single Cruel limped to a peak of No. 23 on iTunes and failed to crack the top 50 of the ARIA chart, his new offering If They Only Knew rose to No. 9 on iTunes after he sang it on The Voice.

But The Voice still struggles to promote the singers who are actually contesting the title.

Only Team Delta’s grand finalist Judah Kelly has been a regular presence in the iTunes top 50 singles after his crowd-pleasing renditions of memorable hits including Prince’s Purple Rain, Tina Arena’s Chains and Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls.

media_cameraJudah Kelly is the only consistent chart performer on this year’s series. Picture: Supplied.

His semi-final rendition of one of the most covered songs in the world, Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah so impressed viewers it peaked at No. 3 on iTunes.

Team Kelly’s Fasika Ayallew finally cracked the iTunes top 40 with her vocal gymnastics on the Whitney Houston heartstrings puller I Have Nothing, which peaked at No. 38.

media_cameraFasika Ayallew also has a few songs in the iTunes top 100. Picture: Supplied.

On the other end of the chart lottery, Boy George’s grand finalists Hoseah Partsch scraped into No. 76 with Is This Love.

But Seal’s nastiness to rival contestants appears to have had an effect on his grand finalist Lucy Sugerman, whose Bjork-inspired cover of 50s hit It’s Oh So Quiet failed to crack even the top 150 on iTunes after the show.

media_cameraKaty Perry faces a chart tussle with her labelmate Niall Horan for No. 1 after they both perform on The Voice this weekend. Photo by Grant Pollard/Invision/AP.

Niall Horan’s Slow Hands will be short odds to claim No. 1 after his performance of the hit on the grand final this Sunday, with Katy Perry and Noah Cyrus also guaranteed to enjoy a boost into the top 10 after their appearances.

As for the 2017 winner, they may struggle to claim the top spot with their debut single for more than a moment.

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