Prayers for little Kawa


THE family of the three-year-old girl who was clinging to life after being pulled from a Bali pool are tonight faced with the heartbreaking decision of turning off her life support.

After two nights at Princess Margaret Hospital, Kawa Sweeney was unresponsive to physical tests.

Family spokeswoman Pearl Tan said Kawa’s parents, Des Sweeney and Dee Tang, were considering the next step.

“There’s a lot of disbelief that this has happened and it’s quite difficult to think beyond the next five minutes right now,” Ms Tan said.

“I know that the family are just talking and considering what to do next.

“But it’s a pretty tough situation for everyone.”

media_cameraKawa Sweeney was pulled unconscious from a Bali swimming pool on Sunday.

Mr Sweeney posted a picture of Kawa on social media last night, thanking people for their “prayers, thoughts and well wishes”.

“They are getting us through this difficult time. Thank you,” he said.

Kawa fell into the pool on Sunday afternoon at the Bali resort where her family was staying.

When she was pulled from the water, Cottesloe surgeon Grant Booth performed emergency resuscitation on the three-year-old for 45 minutes until medical help arrived.

Ms Tan said PMH doctors had performed several tests and found Kawa had brain swelling.

media_cameraKawa arriving in Perth after being flown from Bali. Picture: Danella Bevis.

“This morning we were waiting for her sodium level to get consistent so they could run some tests. They ran those tests and Kawa was unresponsive,” Ms Tan said.

“Her heart is beating by itself and she’s on medication and life support.

“Basically, they’re just deciding when to let her out of the induced coma.”

Ms Tan said Kawa’s relatives from all over Australia had travelled to Perth to be by her bedside.

“We’re reminiscing about how feisty she was and what an awesome kid she was and what a bright spark she was.”

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