Queensland blokes vying for Sophie


THESE three Queenslanders will be vying for the chance to win Sophie Monk’s heart.

The last Sunshine State man set to appear on The Bachelorette being revealed as 25-year-old bar manager Jourdan Siyal, who joins magician Apollo Jackson, 24, and polo player Bingham Fitz-Henry, 25, on the Channel 10 reality dating series.

media_cameraJourdan Siyal, Apollo Jackson and Bingham fitz-Henry are hoping to win the heart of Sophie Monk. Picture: Annette Dew

Siyal describes himself as an “opinionated perfectionist”, who admits his personality is an acquired taste – but he believes he still has a lot to offer 37-year-old Monk.

“I am a sporadic, fun person who is definitely wild at heart and loves to go on adventures,” he said.

media_cameraSophie Monk on set for The Bachelorette. Picture: Rohan Kelly

“When we’re not outside, I love getting immersed in conversation and cuddles.”

While he is more than a decade Monk’s junior, Siyal thinks “age is just a number”.

“Maturity, on the other hand, has no correlation with age and I’ve actually found that many young and old people wrongly define themselves as mature,” he said.

Jackson said he leapt at the opportunity to find love on The Bachelorette as he had been “single for a while now”.

The Gold Coaster said he could offer Monk “laughs and adventure”.

Meanwhile, Fitz-Henry believes his “big warm hairy arms” are a drawcard.

There will be 18 men for Monk to choose from when The Bachelorette premieres on Wednesday night on Channel 10.

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