Sarah Harris shares baby news on air


SARAH Harris is pregnant with her second child.

The Studio 10 host announced the exciting news live on television this morning.

“I’m sick of holding my stomach in. I’m having another baby,” said Harris after an impending “big announcement” was teased throughout the first hour-and-half of the morning show.

“You guys are so onto it. I’ve had to hide behind the desk … and the hot flushes,” said Harris, revealing she is due in December.

The 35-year-old journalist said the happy news came as a surprise to her and her husband Tom Ward, who are also parents to 18-month-old son, Paul.

media_cameraStudio 10 host Sarah Harris reveals that she is pregnant with her second child, live on air. The announcement surprised and delighted her co-hosts.

“It’s kinda been a surprise. We were hoping to try again at the end of the year,” she said.

“I’ve been pretty queasy and pretty tired. You pop so much quicker on the second one. I had a guest host say to me, ‘Are you pregnant or have you let yourself go?’”

Joined in the studio by fellow panellists Jessica Rowe, Suzie Elman and David Robinson, regular hosts Denise Drysdale and Joe Hildebrand also phoned in for the announcement — Hildebrand from his sick bed and Drysdale from the Gold Coast.

Rowe, a close friend of Harris’, was particularly shocked by the news.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” said Rowe, before inquiring about how Sarah’s husband had taken the news.

Harris said Tom was “over the moon” and “super excited” about having a second child, but revealed toddler Paul was too young to fully understand the news.

“I say, ‘kiss the baby,’ and he kisses my stomach,” said Harris.

The TV star doesn’t know the sex yet but said she will probably find out.

Relieved to be able to share the news, Harris shared she had “spun” a number of stories to try and conceal the news from her extended Studio 10 family.

Rumours Harris was expecting have encircled the star since earlier this year. However she was quick to shut down the news when WHO magazine reported she was pregnant in April.

Harris chose to announce her first pregnancy in the same manner, breaking the news on air to fellow co-hosts Ita Buttrose, Jessica Rowe and Joe Hildebrand in July, 2015.

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