So who is Rey’s Star Wars daddy?


IT’S the burning question that’s eating up Star Wars fans — just who is the mysterious hero Rey related to?

The answer is coming in The Last Jedi, the eighth movie in the series but, until December 15, all we can do is speculate.

We know that she was left on the desert planet Jakku by her parents (or foster parents!), that she is able to use The Force better than Kylo “Ben Solo” Ren and can pilot spaceships instinctively.

So there are some clues there.

media_cameraWho is Rey related to?

There are roughly 10 possibilities, some more likely than others.

Complicating things is the wider Star Wars universe, never filmed but written about extensively in a series of books.

In that universe, Luke Skywalker married and had a son called Ben, while Leia and Han actually had three children, including twins. One of those went evil and became Darth Caedus before being killed by his twin sister.

So have the new films borrowed from this storyline or is it something completely different? Let’s looks at the possibilities.

media_cameraRey, I am your father. Fans would love to hear that from Luke.


Why it could be

Being related to the last of the Jedi is a pretty dangerous occupation. It probably would be safer to hide her away on some desert planet. After all, that’s what happened to him. He grew up on Tattooine, learning the skills that would later help him destroy the Empire. His daughter would also be super-strong with The Force and remember, he was a hot-shot pilot too, in his day. So that fits. He goes into hiding and hides his daughter as well, knowing they will someday meet again.

Remember, Jedi can see the future. So is all this an elaborate plan? Plus, we have been told that his first words to Rey in The Last Jedi will be “iconic”. Leaving aside the fact that is an incorrect use of the word “iconic”, nothing could send more shivers up the spine of a Star wars fan than having him say: “Rey, I am your father”, echoing Vader’s words to him waaaay back in The Empire Strikes Back.

Why it won’t be

Leaving your only daughter on Jakku is a pretty cold option. If you need to go into hiding, why not take her with you and train her up for the day when she’s needed? Luke was filthy at Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda for lying to him about his father being Vader. So he’s not likely to make the same mistake. Plus, surely Leia at least would know about the mystery daughter. Why didn’t she say anything?

media_cameraPrincess Leia … will Carrie Fisher’s death change the plot?


Why it could be

Leia is strong with The Force, so that is the obvious link. Rey could be her younger daughter, hidden because she has so many enemies that would love to use Rey against her, plus she had to be kept safe from her older brother Kylo Ren. She also instinctively bonded with Leia, comforting her after the loss of Han. And, unlike Han, Leia is a real tough cookie. If she thought the safety of the galaxy depended on Rey’s identity being hidden, she would do it. Remember, she grew up thinking she was the daughter of Bail Organa, when she was really Anakin “Darth Vader” Skywalker’s little girl.

Why it won’t be

If you want to protect your daughter, dumping her on a dodgy desert planet inhabited by the scum of the universe is probably not the way to do it. Plus, after it was done to her, surely she would seek to find a better way to help her own daughter? And, when Rey finds her and hugs her after Han’s death, surely it’s time to reveal her secret identity then?

media_cameraHan Solo.


Why it could be

An obvious choice. She was left on the same planet as the Millenium Falcon, Han’s beloved ship. She is able to pilot said ship with uncanny ability and she instantly bonds with the old smuggler. Well, until Kylo Ren sticks a lightsaber in his guts, which does put a bit of a dent in their relationship. It all fits. After all, Star Wars does love a twin theme.

And, with Han Solo, there are actually two bites at the cherry. She could be Kylo Ren’s younger sister, fated to either kill or save him in combat, just like in the expanded Star Wars universe.

That would explain the Force powers and the flying abilities. She had to be kept safe when Kylo Ren went bad, so they stuck her on Jakku. Plus there is the possibility that Han had a child with someone other than Leia. After all, he’s quite the rogue. He has a fling, Leia kicks him out and he doesn’t realise he has another child. Then the mother, worried at the child’s crazy Force abilities given that the First Order is hunting for such kids, stashes her on Jakku.


Why it won’t be

If Han is her father, he’s a pretty cold dude to spend all that time with her in The Force Awakens and never mention it. For all his tough guy persona, he’s really as soft and cuddly as an Ewok. And, while the secret love child is a possibility, that scenario doesn’t quite ring true. Han was really in love with Leia. So either one of Star Wars’ greatest heroes is a complete arsehole deadbeat dad, or she’s not his kid.

media_cameraDid Obi-Wan Kenobi have a child?


Why it could be

He spent a lot of years on Tattooine. It must have got a bit lonely out in the desert, checking in on Luke every year or so. What’s to say he didn’t have a little fling and Rey is his granddaughter? He was an expert with The Force, after all. And if she can’t be a Solo or a Skywalker, then the next best thing is a Kenobi.

Why it won’t be

Obi-Wan was a useless pilot, so where did Rey’s skill come from? And it’s a bit late in the piece to bring in a new family. Plus he was too honourable and would have kept his Jedi vows of celibacy, even when the order had vanished.

media_cameraShmi Skywalker said the Midi-Chlorians got her pregnant. Unless that’s also the name of a cocktail, she had to be kidding.


Why it could be

Well, it happened to Anakin Skywalker. He was supposedly a creation of The Force, made to bring back balance. In The Phantom Menace, Anakin’s mum Shmi mother claimed there was no father, only the mysterious “Midi-Chlorians”. Anakin’s attempt to bringing balance to The Force didn’t quite work, so now we have Rey to finish the job.

Why it won’t be

The Phantom Menace was stupid. Luckily, they punted the whole Midi-Chlorian storyline as well as Jar-Jar Binks for later films. Surely the producers won’t go down this wacky path again?

media_cameraThe Star Wars cantina crew. Could one of them be Rey’s mother or father?


Why it could be

The prequel trilogy had a Jedi temple stuffed full of kids training to use lightsabers and move things with their minds. Using The Force is not restricted to just a few families. Rey could be the start of a new wave of Jedi. That would also explain why nobody knows her. Her parents see all her powers, freak out and dump her because they are scared of the freaky Force girl.

Why it won’t be

It’s not satisfying enough in terms of a narrative. We want her to be the sister/cousin of Kylo Ren so we’ve got that whole good/evil thing going. Having some random kid be the saviour seems a little dull.

media_cameraIt would be nice to think that Jyn Erso and Cassian Andor were Rey’s parents.


Why it could be

The hero of Star Wars Rogue One died on Scarif but surely she was too good to waste. Plus, she even looks and sounds like Rey. Having Rey be her daughter or her niece would fit the one-off movie really tightly into the series. And it would make Rogue One seem even better.

Why it won’t be

The ages are all wrong. Jyn dies just before A New Hope, which takes place 30 years before The Force Awakens. She would have had to have the baby even earlier than that, which makes Rey the youngest-looking thirty-something in the universe. Even by Hollywood’s age-defying standards, it’s too much of a stretch. Maybe her father Galen had another kid and Rey is Jyn’s half-niece. But that’s even more of a stretch.


Why it could be

He’s obviously powerful in The Force. And he’s also very angry about something. Online fan theories see him as either Darth Plagius, the former mentor of Emperor Palpatine, or even a former Jedi trainee, left burned and deformed from Anakin Skywalker’s attack on the Jedi Temple in Revenge Of The Sith. That experience left him hating everything, especially the Jedi who took him from his parents and let him get burned up by Anakin. Snoke seems to have come out of nowhere to become the big baddie. But maybe he was living quietly until Luke stole his kid away. In return, a bitter Snoke stole Han and Leia’s son Ben away to the Dark Side.

Why it won’t be

He’s too old for children. Plus, that’s a pretty dark storyline. Star Wars tends to be a little more black and white than the goodies stealing children. And we were told the First Order arose from what was left of the Empire. So Snoke was planning evil stuff before.

media_cameraEmperor Palpatine.


Why it could be

He was quite the twisted dude, always looking for the next young thing to become his evil protege. Maybe he got bored with waiting for one and decided to take a more active role in the process. Rey would be his granddaughter and would have no knowledge of her evil heritage, having been hidden away on Jakku. And she was hidden there because no child of the Emperor would be safe once the Empire had fallen.

Why it won’t be

Rey’s too nice. If she had spent her time on Jakku torturing puppies then we might believe it.


media_cameraDid Jabba and Princess Leia have a secret fling?

Why it could be

Not quite as weird as it sounds. We know he liked a little interspecies rumpy-pumpy and he had the power to withstand Jedi mind manipulation, which means he had use of The Force. Rey would be his grandchild, so only part Hutt. Plus he had a affiliation with desert planets like Jakku.

Why it won’t be

They wouldn’t have cast Daisy Ridley to play Rey if that was the case. Probably Susan Boyle would have got the gig.

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