Sophie Monk’s first Bachelorette kiss


EVER wondered what it’s like to make-out with Sophie Monk?

The Bachelorette contestant Jarrod Woodgate will tell you: her kisses are a 12 out of 10.

Woodgate, a 31-year-old vineyard manager from Victoria, scored the coveted first kiss of the season last night. And though the scene was filmed months ago, he’s still reeling.

“I still can’t get over it. It was out of this world! It was a very powerful kiss. The connection we had was …” said Woodgate, before trailing off, lost for words.

“There were so many nerves going on. Sweaty palms. My knees were shaking. I’m glad we were sitting down because, well, you’re in the moment.”

media_cameraSophie Monk on her first date walking a highwire date with Jarrod Woodgate. Picture: TEN

Woodgate also made quite the impression on Monk, 37, by staying calm during their death-defying first date which saw the couple walk a highwire despite Monk’s intense fear of heights.

“It surprised me how into him I am. I can’t believe I’m saying this after a first date, but I can see a connection with Jarrod,” she said.

However, not all the suitors Monk kissed lived up to expectations, with the Bachelorette admitting to kissing all but two.

“I think (with tongue-kissing) a little bit is good but I wouldn’t go crazy. Some people start kissing you and you have to be like, ‘ah, we’re not in a nightclub,” Monk said.

Woodgate believes the “instant chemistry” between him and Monk quickly developed into being a “massive connection” when the pair discovered a shared past of social isolation and binge eating.

media_cameraSophie Monk on her first date with Jarrod Woodgate. Picture: TEN

“At school, I was a fat kid and I used to eat when I was depressed, which made me larger,” said Woodgate. “I didn’t like school and Sophie had the same thing, she didn’t like going to school and she used to eat when she was depressed. We both went through our childhood of not having many friends and surviving with family support.”

Monk has previously admitted to being a “chubby” teen and having body image issues, which soon turned to obsession with dieting.

“When I was in the girl band (Bardot), all the girls were so tiny and I felt the pressure because they used to have to get a different wardrobe size for me because I had bigger boobs and whatever.

“I definitely lost too much weight … but sometimes I can be really, really thin and the healthiest mentally that I have ever been. And sometimes, when I blow out, I am not as healthy,” she said.

The Bachelorette airs 7.30pm Wednesday and Thursday on TEN.

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