The most Aussie Avon Descent finish ever


FOR first time paddler Donny Byrne there was only one way to celebrate finishing the Avon Descent.

With a shoey. Or, in this case, a “flippery”.

“Nothing more Australian than a double bush chook flippery to celebrate finishing the 2017 Avon Descent!” his brother Eoin wrote to PerthNow, proud of the achievement.

The 31-year-old thrill seeker finally ticked the event off his bucket list – a challenge he had wanted to conquer since he was a kid.

And with only 12 training sessions under his belt, Mr Byrne put in a stellar effort to finish the race at 3.30pm on Sunday.

His proud mates greeted him with a flipper and two Emu Exports at the finish line to help him celebrate in true Aussie style.

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