‘Traumatised’ Yassmin reveals toll


A “TRAUMATISED” Yassmin Abdel-Magied has broken her silence over what she claims has been “deeply racist” criticism of her.

In a series of posts on Facebook the Islamic author and public speaker claimed that being quiet had not “served me well”.

Abdel-Magied has been criticised over a controversial tweet on Anzac Day.

She also took aim at Australia’s system of democracy, which led Senator Eric Abetz to suggest she leave the country for an “Arab dictatorship”.

And was she also courted controversy over a disagreement with politician Jacqui Lambie on ABC TV.

media_cameraYassmin Abdel-Magied. Picture: Chris Pavlich for The Australian

media_cameraYassmin Abdel-Magied’s Facebook post. Picture: Facebook

“Being deemed the face of all that is evil for an extended period of time does take a toll,” she wrote on Facebook.

“However, reality is that being a small target has not served me well at all.

“Choosing not to defend myself and ‘let it blow over’ backfired because it hasn’t blown over.

“Staying silent left a vacuum that other voices gleefully filled with hate and vitriol that was deeply racist.

“If I stay silent, then ‘they’ win. Then others get to define the narrative. Then those with deep institutional power r able to silence (and) I can’t abide that’.

Abdel-Magied said she posted the comments on social media after originally declining to be part of a panel discussion at Melbourne’s Wheeler Centre.

media_cameraAbdel Magied’s Anzac Day Facebook post.

She joined the panel after being encouraged to do so, she said.

“I’d initially cancelled, cos ya know, Australia had been getting its hate on,” she said.

“Because the thing about all of this is that it is so isolating. And although ppl might tell me there is support, it’s (sometimes) hard to see.

“But to have someone I respect validate me and the importance of my voice on a platform, well, it made a difference.

“Esp as I had been told time and time again that no, my voice wasn’t welcome. That I had no legitimacy to even be **in** the conversation.”

Abdel-Magied’s ABC TV show Australia Wide was axed following her series of controversial comments.

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