What’s all the fuss about Alfred’s Kitchen?


ALFRED’s Kitchen has long been regarded as one of Perth’s best burger haunts, but a couple of foodie bloggers beg to differ.

Readers were shocked the popular, even internationally famous, Guildford burger institution did not get a mention on PerthNow’s list of top burger spots to visit.

To create the ‘top 13 list‘, in light of International Hamburger Day, PerthNow enlisted a few burger loving bloggers to help.

Alfred’s Kitchen was not one of their top recommendations. Now, that’s not to say that Alfred’s doesn’t make a great burger – it just didn’t make the cut this time.

@bestburgersofperth duo Nathan Watkins and Justin De Giorgio, who have devoured about 150 burgers in Perth, said they believed most of the value and popularity of Alfred’s was “derived from the nostalgia that surrounds it”.

media_cameraWhat’s all the fuss about Alfred’s Kitchen’s burgers? Picture: @_e_unice_/instagram

“The burgers have a homemade feel to them, are really cheap and you can sit by an open fire with your friends and family,” they explained.

“I think for us having never grown up with it, and being exposed to the more exotic side of Perth’s burger scene, we just couldn’t justify putting it alongside the restaurants we mentioned.”

Burger joints on the list included Hood Burger, Meat Candy, Short Order Burger Co, Varsity Burger Bar and Royal’s Chicken and Burgers.

They said Alfred’s was recommended to them by a number of their Instagram followers but it just didn’t have that “wow factor” they look for.

“For us it does not pack the finesse, flavours or wow factor like the ones we mentioned, and that is why it didn’t make our top picks,” they said.

media_cameraPeople love to kick back with a burger near the fire at Alfred’s Kitchen in Guildford. File image

Alfred’s Kitchen second generation owner Daniel Lawrence was inclined to agree with one comment, stating that Alfred’s “didn’t need a wow factor”.

“A lot of these burger bars popping up around the place tend to need a ‘wow factor’ to distinguish themselves from a burger bar that opened up a couple of weeks ago or a couple of months ago… there seems to be quite a few trying to out-do each other with colour buns or special relish, and you know there’s only so many things you can do with a hamburger,” he said.

“They distinguish themselves with that so called ‘wow factor’ but we’ve never done it and we’ve never had to.

“A blogger saying that Alfred’s ‘don’t have the wow factor’ to me that’s actually a compliment because we never set out to have a ‘wow factor’.”

Mr Lawrence said Alfred’s had been around for 70 odd years and the way the burgers were done back then were the way they were done now.

“We’re not pretentious, we’re not gourmet, we’re not anything like that, we’re the oldest roadside burger bar in Perth and I think people enjoy the fact that we don’t try and do anything fancy,” he said.

“People go and try gourmet burgers and they’ll try this and they’ll try that but at the end of the day they’ll come back to us because it’s the way a hamburger should be – the way I see it anyway.

“We just do what we do.”

Although not in their top five burger haunts either, the boys at the @burgers.perth blog said they would always have a “soft spot” for Alfred’s.

“Afred’s Kitchen is virtually an institution when it comes to making good quality burgers in Perth,” they said.

“So many years, so many reviews and so many thumbs up.”

Because of this fame, they said “remaining objective” was important.

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Posted by PerthNow on Saturday, May 27, 2017

In their review of Alfred’s double hamburger, which you can grab for $12.60, there were no complaints.

“Overall a very good balance,” the review said.

“The patties, of an adequate size, have that beautifully chargrilled flavour.

“The other contents, including the nicely melted cheese, are married together to create a very impressive hamburger.”

But even though there were loud cries for Alfred’s to be put on the list – a PerthNow Facebook poll revealed the truth.

Out of the 1809 votes, so far, 40 per cent of our readers decided Varsity Burger Bar had Perth’s best burgers.

While 22 per cent said other – with the majority of this number echoing that Alfred’s Kitchen was still Perth’s best burger haunt.

But we’ll leave that up to you to decide, you can still have your vote in thePerthNow poll.

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