Women reveal ideal celeb baby daddies


AUSTRALIAN women have revealed the homegrown stars they would most want to be their celebrity baby daddies.

Some 33,000 women are using IVF to have babies and if they could, they would choose a few attributes from well-known blokes for their children to inherit.

The magazine Take 5 conducted a survey of its readers, polling 7600 women to come up with the most desired celeb traits.

And it’s like some sort of Frankenstein’s monster.

When it comes to eyes, the ladies picked Hollywood hunk Hugh Jackman’s peepers as the most desirable. Coming in second place was television personality David Campbell.

media_cameraHollywood hunk Hugh Jackman’s peepers were dubbed the most desirable in a celebrity father. Picture: Getty Images

On smiles, Today co-host Karl Stefanovic topped the list of most sought-after grins, followed surprisingly in second place by shock jock and The Project regular Steve Price.

media_cameraKarl Stefanovic has a smile Aussie mums would like their babies to inherit. Picture: Today

When it came to bodies, Thor hottie Chris Hemsworth was the obvious winner.

But interestingly, lanky radio funnyman Ryan “Fitzy” Fitzgerald was a close second, according to the survey results.

media_cameraChris Hemsworth’s formidable rig is what women most want in a celeb baby daddy. Picture: Matrix/GC Images

media_cameraWhen it came to bodies,
Thor hottie Chris Hemsworth was the obvious winner. Picture: Luke Zocchi

NRL star turned Footy Show favourite Beau Ryan was picked for his luscious locks, who women would like their babies to inherit.

Weirdly, Sunrise co-host David “Kochie” Koch came in second in the desired hair category — even though he doesn’t have any.

media_cameraBeau Ryan’s hair scored highly. Picture: Justin Lloyd

media_cameraRadio personality Ryan Fitzgerald also has a body that mums would dream for in a celebrity father.

On smarts, TV vet Dr Chris Brown was picked and when it came to sense of humour, comedian Dave Hughes took out top honours.

“We’ve built the ultimate baby daddy using the very best Aussie DNA,” editor Paul Merrill said.

“Now all we need is some advanced cloning technology and we’d have every potential

mum’s ideal gene combination.”

media_cameraBondi Vet Dr Chris Brown paddle boarding. Picture: Supplied

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