Young people in sentenced detention: 2015–16


released: 28 Jul 2017 author: AIHW

This fact sheet provides summary information about young people in sentenced detention in 2015–16. On an average day in 2015–16, less than half (44%) of all young people in detention were sentenced, and almost one-third (30%) had been in sentenced detention at some time during the year.

ISSN 2202-1841; ISBN 978-1-76054-165-1; Cat. no. JUV 109; 5pp.; Internet only

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Factsheet table of contents

  • Young people in sentenced detention: 2015–16
    • Number and proportion in sentenced detention
    • Time in sentenced detention
    • Completion of sentenced detention periods
    • Box 1: Youth justice supervision fact sheets
    • Box 2: Technical notes

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AIHW 2017. Young people in sentenced detention: 2015–16. Youth justice fact sheet no. 87. Cat. no. JUV 109. Canberra: AIHW. Viewed 29 July 2017 <>.

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